Learning to Bloom

Working on the latest collection ‘Blooming in the confines of the ordinary” made me reflect on how I live my daily life and truly consider if I am consistently blooming each day.  What does it mean to bloom? For me, it means enjoying each day for what it is and consistently appreciating the little moments.

It will seem like such an odd question for many, maybe even a little ‘snowflake-like’, but for me, it is important that I practice a daily mantra of living life well so that I can pass on this habit to my children. After all, we only get one shot at this, so we might as well try and enjoy it.

Upon reflection, it was not much of a surprise to discover that I was not actively blooming in the daily humdrum of life.

Firstly, the daily school run can be the most annoying thing - trying to convince a 5 year old to move an inch quicker at 7am so that you get in before the school gate closes is not what I thought my mornings should be made of. However, a tiny shift of perspective to one of finding the good at this time greatly changed this early morning routine to one of enjoyment. It became a moment to have the wackiest, weirdest and most intimate conversations with my son. It is his time to tell me about all the wonderful animals he has discovered with such enthusiasm and also to recap on the previous day at school. I feel privileged to be able to share such moments with him.

Apart from appreciating the daily activities in life, I also sought to introduce new habits and the first one was to sign up for piano lessons. Taking time out each week to learn the piano has resulted in taking the time out each day to practice. There is something very therapeutic about practicing a piano piece until you master it. At that moment, you forget anything else and focus on the soft tones of the keys.

I am still on my journey to bloom daily to my highest potential, but so far, I can see the benefits in the little changes I have made so far. I have become more intuitive in deciding what I enjoy and what I don’t. Being intentional on how I spend my time means that I actually have to decide how to enjoy it and who with. It may seem like a no-brainer, but until you decide to intentionally do so, you may surprise yourself with the outcomes.

How do you enjoy each day? Drop us some of your best tips at hello@agnesandlola.com

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