New Art Alert: Dennis Owusu-Ansah

If you are on Instagram, you must have seen the images of some of our favourite stars like Beyonce and Rihanna in attires from different African countries.

Dennis Owusu-Ansah is a New York-based Ghanaian artist who creates pop art images. 

We recently came across a feature on him on CNN:

Reworking and reimagining some of the world's biggest artists in authentic African clothing and cultural attire, Owusu-Ansah is highlighting the beauty of Africa through his work...

With bright block colors contrasting intricate patterns, the images have transformed the likes of Drake, Rihanna and Beyonce into powerful African icons in traditional dress and with traditional names. 

"After witnessing my friend get teased by a group of men for wearing a kente cloth on our way to church, I figured something must be done to change the perspective of people who are not familiar with the African culture," he told CNN.

"They had no idea what my friend was wearing. One of the guys shouted 'That man has a blanket wrapped around his body like it's winter time.' I saw this incident as an opportunity to educate people about who we are, and what we stand for through my art."

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