On the web: Inside Pichulik, South Africa's hottest jewellery brand

CNN International recently interviewed our favourite accessory designer, Katherine-Mary Pichulik whose designs we stock. Here's a snippet of the interview;

"There's a famous line that my grandmother liked. She said, 'There's no such thing as a society... find the people you want to be around and create your own.'"

For South African designer Katherine-Mary Pichulik, the society she has created is one that clearly adores her; a global following of fashionistas who rave about her elaborate and ostentatious jewelry. 

Her pieces are regularly featured in Vogue magazine -- in both Spanish and British editions. Exporting to 14 countries across the globe, Pichulik was also named among Vogue's top ten African fashion brands to watch in 2015, finding itself in the company of Orange Culture from Nigeria and ART/C from Morocco. 

CNN sat down with Pichulik to discuss exactly why her pieces are "intimate experiences", and explore the process behind these beautiful works of wearable art.

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