Travel with Ife's Closet: Lagos

We travel with Ife's Closet to Lagos, Nigeria. A city that never sleeps, Lagos is not for the fainthearted. However, once you prove your worth, she will make sure you never want to leave.

Wear: The Lauryn Cowrie Culottes – stylish, comfortable and practical. You will not fall foul of the fashion set by pairing it with some brogues so you are really ready to tour the city.


Eat: Local bites are what make my day. Whilst I don’t dispute the many fine restaurants the city has to offer, I always make sure to have foods that take me back to my childhood. 

Ewa Agonyin and Agege Bread – A bit like marmite; you like it or you hate it. This is essentianly mashed boiled beans with a pepper sauce. The bread is fresh baked on the day and is super soft. 

Bankolemoh Rice – Plain white rice and stew from the Surulere area of Bankolemoh. Many days after school were spent queuing up for this ‘designer rice’. The tomato/pepper stew is fried to perfection and the local workers mean that it is always busy.


Obalende Suya – One for the meat lovers. Enjoy skewered beef, chicken etc grilled on a charcoal fire and seasoned with dried peppers and freshly cut onions and tomatoes. It is a specialty of mainly Hausa Northerners that have long settled in Lagos.

See: Visit the Nike Art Gallery in Lekki which is owned by the artist Nike Okundaye, a master of the art of adire amongst other things. She is a passionate promoter of local talent and features works from the likes of Tola Wewe and my favourite artist, Ndidi Emefiele.


Do: Spend some time on one of the many beaches at your fingertip. I can never tire of a city with a beach! My personal favourite is Oniru beach, where you can enjoy a barbecue on the beach and mini music festivals. The crowd is young and vibrant.

Stay: Bogobiri House in Ikoyi (my favourite part of Lagos) is a wonderful oasis away from the Lagos noise. The rates start from just over £100 per night for a double room (dependent in the exchange rate). I love the rustic nature of the rooms and the minimalist décor that incorporates four poster wooden beds and local paintings.


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