Anton Crone- The Traveller

To travel the world is to live a life forever enriched. It is an education like no other. We fell in love with Anton Crone's African travel blog, Bright Continent, and we immediately knew we wanted to work with him. Through his words and with his pictures he takes us on a journey never imagined, brings us close to a world that still lies unknown, it is truly a dream.

He was kind enough to answer a few questions… 

1. What inspired Bright continent?

Whenever I travelled Africa I found the experience so much more formative than anywhere I had travelled in the West. I also found my perceptions were skewed by the media. I created Bright Continent to help change people’s perceptions of Africa and to encourage people, particularly South Africans, to travel further on the continent.

2. Where is your dream destination and why?

One dream destination is the Democratic Republic of Congo because I know so little about it yet it’s history and present struggles are so central to Africa and the world. Another is Malawi, always Malawi. I have visited six times. It’s not the lake, which is wonderful, It’s the people.


3. Paint a picture, with words, of your perfect holiday…

To replay my Moroccan holiday, where I met my wife. Nights in Kasbahs. Days in the desert. A plane landing in Casablanca carrying a Norwegian beauty.

4. Five things you cannot travel without?

I can think of two: a camera and a kind word.

5. Why did you decide to focus your niche on Africa?

I think we can learn so much from Africa because it straddles the modern and the ancient worlds, the wild and the weary.

6. Your most unforgettable holiday?


7. What is it about travel as a whole for you…

The exposure to the unfamiliar.


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