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Vintage African Inspired Fashion

A is for Africa

Jumper season is upon us.



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Learning to Bloom

Working on the latest collection ‘Blooming in the confines of the ordinary” made me consider how I live my daily life and reflect on if I am consistently blooming each day. It will seem like such an odd question for many, maybe even a little snowflake-like, but for me, it is important that I practice a daily mantra of living life well…


Starting New…10 yrs later

As I sat watching the doe-eyed 26-year old on CNN Africa Marketplace, it dawned on me that I’d started this idea some 10 years ago. In my entire journey, I’d never realised that this business was a decade old and had shaped much of my adult life and yet again, here I am planning to start afresh.


Collection No.1

The new collection is inspired by the ordinariness of daily life. How does one be inspired each day? How does one blossom in the mundane nature of life? The answer for us is to find the adventure in the little things, the daily tasks such as a trip to the local coffee shop, the act of journaling your deepest thoughts or the savouring each bite of each meal.